Malpaís de Rasca

Special Nature Reserve

Prepare to be impressed by this other-worldly landscape created by tongues of lava known as malpaís (meaning "bad country" because of its rough ground). The area is home to inland and coastal species of Canary Island spurges and euphorbia, as well as a number of native plant species.

Its volcanic cones are prominent features, particularly Montaña Grande. The malpaís is home to various endangered plant and animal species, such as Canarian incense (Artemisia ramosa).

Municipality: Arona

Expanse: 315.4 hectares (779.4 acres)

How to get there:

To reach Malpaís de Rasca, take the TF-1 motorway and turn off at Guaza. Drive along the TF-6222 to the El Palm-mar crossroads. Once there, head towards El Palm-mar and roughly 1.25 km (0.77 miles) on from the crossroads is the malpaís.