Coated Young Goat

Traditional recipe in Tenerife

Goat's meat prepared in this way is mainly eaten in La Gomera. However, it is also prepared using a variety of recipes, though all fairly similar, on the other islands. "Barrar", basically means to coat the meat with a strong smelling paste prepared in a mortar. The recipes for this dish can be used - and have been used - with rabbit. The recipe below is one of the oldest and most traditional ones. Preparation: Once the goat's intestines have been removed, it is cut length ways into two halves. It is slightly seasoned with salt and pepper and set to one side.

Crush the rest of the ingredients in a large mortar to make a paste and coat the goat's meat well. Afterwards, place the meat on a tray whose bottom has been covered with a fine layer of lard.

Place it in the oven at medium temperature and leave it to cook.  From time to time sprinkle it with "mojo" (traditional Canarian sauce) and wait till it turns golden and is cooked.

Other details
1 small young goat
400 g of pork lard
4 spoonfuls of paprika
12 garlic cloves
Cooking salt
1 sliced spicy pepper
1/4 of a glass of vinegar
1/2 a glass of dry white wine