Types of wine

The first wines ever to be made in Tenerife were white. The colonisers introduced these wines to the Island, which were initially made of grapes from Greece after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and vines soon began to be grown in the lowlands of Tenerife. Nowadays, Tenerife produces a variety of white wines that are served every day at Canarian restaurants with the most exquisite dishes. Their mildly aniseed-hinted flavour and fruity, floral bouquet is enhanced by a structured palate, making them extremely popular wines.

For centuries, the production of malvasia wines was the main driver of Tenerife's economy. Their quality and flavour ranked them amongst the most sought-after in the world, particularly in Europe. These wines were held in high esteem on the Old Continent, where they were known as Canary Sack. With golden hues and an intense bouquet, malvasia wines are nowadays served with delicious Canarian cheeses and can also complement a dessert.

Particularly popular are the dry whites made with the white grape varieties Listan Blanco, Arbillo, Verdello and others, as well as Malvasía, either alone or in combination with one another. A new line that is being explored by wineries attempts to place these products on the Premium market as they offer wines with a substantial body, more flavour and longer-lasting taste, while staying true to the Island's typical characteristics.

Although Tenerife's rosés are carefully produced, they are made in smaller numbers than whites and reds. Even so, almost all of the Island's prestigious restaurants serve rosés from the finest local wineries.