Types of crops

In Tenerife, the techniques used to cultivate grapevines vary from region to region and according to the type of grape. This rich diversity of grape farming systems is hard to come by in other areas of such small size and is due to the interaction between wine-makers from different origins who settled on the Island, as well as Tenerife's orography and varying relationship with the trade winds in its different areas, where a variety of farming techniques have developed.

The region of Tacoronte-Acentejo is planted mostly with grapevines on a low arbour (0.8 m or 2.6 ft) supported by stakes in the ground. By contrast, in the Valley of La Orotava, the technique involves a complex braiding or intertwining system. Both systems allow the land to be used for other associated crops.

The region of Ycoden-Daute-Isora uses several systems such as training, spur pruning and low arbours, and more recently, trellises. Low arbours are the most popular technique in the south, held up with forked stakes around the edges of the plots, whilst spur pruning is preferred in the highlands (such as Vilaflor in the region of Abona and Los Pelados in Güímar).