Valle de la Orotava

D.O. Valle de La Orotava wines are made in the north of Tenerife, encouraged by the area's pleasant climate and the influence of the trade winds. Its white wines are typically produced in the western part of the La Orotava Valley, with their slight touch of bitterness and fruity bouquet. The colour of these refined wines ranges from straw yellow to lemon. Its rosés are known for their raspberry tones and wild berry bouquet, while its reds are smooth, with varying bouquets and a bitter touch on the palate. Both rosé and red wine is made all over the central and eastern part of the La Orotava Valley.

Together with the banana groves in the coastal area, the vines contribute to a beautiful landscape set against the backdrop of El Teide and dotted with villages and hamlets here and there. The loose and fertile ground has a reddish tone and is perfect for the carefully tended vineyards that grow at altitudes of 400 to 800 m (1,310 to 2620 ft) above sea level.

This designation of origin covers the municipalities of:

  • Puerto de la Cruz
  • La Orotava
  • Los Realejos