Types of grape

One of the keys to the success of Tenerife's wines are the different native varieties of ungrafted vines that grow on the Island and which can not be found elsewhere in Spain. Listán Blanco, Malvasiaa, Gual, Albillo Criollo, Vijariego, Moscatel, Marmajuelo and Verdello are the grapes used to make whites, whilst rosés and wines are made mostly of Listán Negro, Negramoll and Tintilla.

Amongst the white grape varieties, the most noteworthy is Malvasia. This is a particularly aromatic berry and one of the oldest known varieties, which was used in the past to make the Canarian wines that were so popular in Europe. Its vines are different to those grown in the rest of Spain or in Lanzarote, and this latitude brings out their full potential for quality and expression.

The Listán Negro variety is resistant and strong and can be recognised by its dark-coloured, medium-sized clusters that produce unique aromatic and fruity wines. The Negramoll grape is also popular for the velvety effect it creates on the palate.