Wine storage

Temperature and light are the two key factors in preserving and storing wine. Heat is hugely harmful for wine, so it should be kept from abrupt changes in temperature and ideally stored at an average of 15 ºC (59 ºF), if possible. Keeping it at a mild and constant temperature encourages ageing and guarantees the wine's quality. Light, on the other hand, has a negative influence on the wine's chemical transformation so it should be kept in the dark.

Keeping wine in an aired place that is neither too dry nor too damp will ensure that the cork can regulate the wine's humidity as it should do, without shrinking or rotting. To achieve this, the bottle should be stored horizontally so that the wine is in contact with the cork. A humidity of 60% to 80% will help preserve the wine's qualities.

As a final tip, wine bottles should be kept away from strong smells to prevent them from filtering through the glass and altering the flavour and aroma of the liquid.