La Arena Beach, Candelaria

The perfect place for a leisurely day enjoying the waves and the sea breeze. Made of black sand and shingle, this beach is on the coast of Candelaria, in the town it is named after.

There are not usually many people, except in summer, and even then it does not get crowded. Most swimmers are from the town or nearby, so you will find the atmosphere to be peaceful and welcoming.

It is easily accessible but watch out for the waves as they can get quite strong.

Useful information

  • Location: Candelaria.
  • Length: 250 m (820 ft).
  • Width: 20 m (65 ft).
  • Composition: Shingle and black sand.
  • Means of access: By car and on foot.
  • Disabled access: Yes.
  • Type of beach: Family friendly.
  • Amenities: Tourist Information Office, waste bins.
  • Parking facilities: Yes.
  • Bus service: Yes (inter-city).
  • Coordinates: 28° 20' 25.86'' N 16° 22' 0.34'' W.
  • UTM coordinates: X: 366 034.26 Y: 3 135 682.77 H: 28.
Weather Today
Maximum: 27º
Minimum: 21º
Candelaria. Skies will could over on Monday morning. In the afternoon the sky will be covered with high and middle clouds. At night, mostly clear skies, but more cloud cover will develop. Temperatures will remain unchanged.
La Arena Beach, Candelaria
Avenida Marítima, 137, 38509 Candelaria