The Historic Quarter of Buenavista del Norte

The history of the municipality dates back to the 16th century and has remained almost unspoilt to this day. Located on the north-westerly most part of the Island, its wealth of heritage lies mainly in the historic quarter and in the hamlets of Masca and El Palmar. Its historic centre was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 2005, where the church of Los Remedios and its square are the centrepiece and a good spot for you to feel the life and tradition of the area. Around that centre are a number of institutions and houses of great patrimonial relevance. Its straight layout, wide streets and the overall uniform appearance of its tall buildings make it a pleasure to set eyes on. Every street is a reminder of the present and a memory of the past.

Unfortunately, a fire in 1996 burnt the church of Los Remedios to ashes and destroyed the wealth of historic and artistic heritage inside it. Today, the building has been fully refurbished and is open to the public for you to enjoy an experience of times gone by and new sensations.

If you would like to make the very most of your visit to Buenavista, you should take a walk along the Triana ravine and breathe in the fresh air that flows through it. Let your imagination travel back to the past, when the locals would come together at the washing houses all along the ravine and chat. Discover the unique house of Casa de la Viuda, with its stunning 17th century Canarian architecture. You can explore the various rooms in the house and see its lovely central patio that was built to house a little sample of nature inside. And if you would like to include a bit of peace and quiet in your tour, head to the former San Francisco monastery.

Likewise, if you are looking for the calm and silence of a place of worship, don't miss the charming chapel of San Sebastián. Another interesting sight is the estate of Hacienda de la Fuente, a true gem among the stately homes that still stand in the Canary Islands. It even has turreted towers and a small family chapel. If you decide to visit the estate of Hacienda San Juan de Taco, prepare to feel that air of historical and financial prominence that still lingers inside its doors. There are countless wonderful details for you to take in, including its robust stone staircase, unusual layout and large windows.

Sit down for a break on one of the benches in Plaza de los Remedios and simply watch the world go by. You can then visit the valley and hamlet of El Palmar and get lost in its countryside dotted with traditional houses and stone farm terraces. A visit to the hamlet of Masca will transport you back in time as you roam its lovely streets and alleys.

We suggest you end your tour with a dose of long-standing tradition around the narrow streets of the Teno Alto hamlet. You will get the feeling that time is standing still.