Fasnia & Güímar Ravine

Natural Monument

This ravine represents an unmistakable landscape that characterises the south of the Island. It comprises a huge variety of habitats and supports a great many valuable and varied plants that sprout from the cracks and scars in the rock. Take a stroll surrounded by pine trees and euphorbia, welcoming you with their endless shades of green. There are also endemic and endangered species such as the cerrajón (Sonchus gummifer).

Municipalities: Fasnia and Güímar

Expanse: 152.1 hectares (375,85 acres)

How to get there:

The Natural Monument of the Fasnia & Güímar Ravine can be accessed either from Güímar or from Fasnia. If you set off from the town of Güímar, take the TF-28 to kilometre 47 and carry on for 600 m (650 yards) until the road crosses the ravine. If you would rather set off from the town of Fasnia, take the TF-28 and head towards Güímar. Roughly 1 km (0.62 miles) out of the town, the TF-28 will cross the ravine, which is where you want to be.