Ifara & Los Riscos Mountains

Natural Monument

You are about to discover two volcanic cones: Ifara and Los Riscos, both of which are well preserved. On the west side, Los Riscos features a furrow produced by the erosion of the Callao ravine where it crosses the slopes.

If you are interested in birds, the area is alive with Betherlot's pippits, spectacled warblers and trumpeter finches. In terms of greenery, the area is dominated by euphorbia and Canary Island spurges. If you see a beetle in-between the rocks you may be lucky enough to be looking at a longhorn beetle, a unique species that is native to the area.

Municipality: Granadilla de Abona

Expanse: 288.1 hectares (326.9 acres)

How to get there:

To reach the Ifara and Los Riscos mountains, drive along the TF-1 motorway and take the dirt track that sets off from the exit signposted as Polígono Industrial de Granadilla-Acceso B. Approximately 1 km (0.62 miles) into the track you will come the natural monument.