Roque de Garachico

Natural Monument

The view of the coastline and town of Garachico would simply not be the same without the Roque. The rock formation of Roque de Garachico boasts huge geomorphological value. It is home to endangered species such as the little shearwater and Bulwer's shearwater, as well as birds that stop here on their long migratory paths.

Municipality: Garachico

Municipality: 5 hectares (12,3 acres)

How to get there:

Roque de Garachico stands in the sea just off the coast of the town of Garachico. To reach the town, take the TF-42 that links Icod de los Vinos to Buenavista del Norte. Coming from Icod de los Vinos, you will reach Garachico at roughly kilometre 5, and just a few minutes later El Roque will rise ahead of you.