Valle Guerra, Chinamada, Las Carboneras and Los Batanes

Municipality: La Laguna

Not far from the city centre of La Laguna, past the Tenerife North airport, is Guamasa (on the TF-82). The turn-off at El Boquerón takes you to Valle de Guerra, nestled in an agricultural landscape. To get a better view of the hamlet with the coast in the background, we recommend you go to the nearby lookout point.

Then, carry on along the road up to a crossroads that leads to Tacoronte. The house of Casa de la Carta can be found here, which is now the Tenerife Anthropology Museum and is well worth visiting. The area is largely comprised of farmland and little houses that blend beautifully into their settings. Valle de Guerra is just a few minutes away, near the town of Tejina, which houses the only rum distillery on the Island.

The municipality of La Laguna also has a number of hamlets dotted around the Anaga Mountain Range. Chinamada, for instance, is roughly 18 km (11.2 miles) away from the city. Its attractions include the traditional cave houses which were and still are used by the hamlet's inhabitants, dating as far back as the Guanche people. Barns and shepherding have always been common in the area, which is home to barely a few dozen inhabitants. A visit to the hamlet is like a journey back in time, and the same applies to Las Carbonera and Taborno.

Las Carboneras houses a series of buildings that represent the prototype of rural Canarian architecture. We recommend you take a peaceful walk to discover the chapel and the square, and sit down for a bite to eat at one of its restaurants serving exquisite dishes of traditional Tenerife cuisine. There are a number of trails that set off from here and venture into the lovely countryside, so step into your hiking boots and head off for a nice walk.

As with other hamlets, Taborno's remote location has enabled it to preserve fine pieces of Canarian architecture: cave houses, barns and cottages that blend into the country landscape. In addition to the trails you can take from here in all directions, such as towards Las Carboneras (which is a great outing), another must on your visit to this hamlet is to enjoy the epic view over the north of the Anaga mountain range.