Candelaria Festivals

The Virgin of Candelaria is the patron saint of the Canary Islands. The celebrations in her honour take place in summer, on 15 August, in the seaside town of Candelaria.

The festivities have been declared to be of National Tourist Interest and are alive with religious and popular passion after five centuries of faith, belief and respectful love for the Virgin.

On the day, a great many pilgrims come from all over the Island to pay homage to their patron saint. Many of them spend the previoius night on one of the pathways that lead to the town. The celebration is closely bound to the aboriginal world. On the evening of 14 August, a traditional flower offering and pilgrimage takes place in honour of the Virgin, livened by a number of folk groups, and the Plaza de la Basílica hosts a re-enactment of her appearance unto the Guanche people, according to the tradition.

  • Where: Candelaria.
  • When: 14 and 15 August.
    Weather Today
    Maximum: 24º
    Minimum: 18º
    Candelaria. Mostly clear skies, but more cloud cover will develop on Saturday morning. In the afternoon there may be patchy showers. At night some drizzle will fall. Temperatures will remain unchanged.