Sample rich and varied cuisine


The area's gastronomy is rich and varied, with vegetables playing a key role in its delightfully fresh dishes, such as stews and hot pots. Don't hesitate to call in at one of the local restaurants and find out for yourself.

Honey is another star product thanks to the Island's good weather that keeps bees busy all year round. There are a huge variety of flavours but we can specially recommend those made using native species of plants and flowers, such as brooms, buglosses and local ironworts. The perfect hint of sweetness to make any dish a real treat. We encourage you to taste them and possibly take some home if you have a sweet tooth and room in your suitcase. Where to buy it? You can buy honey in Casa del Vino, at specialised stores or from a farmers market.

Another gastronomical experience involves visiting the area's farm co-operatives, where you will realise just how important the volcanic element of the land is for its products.

Nuts and rainfed crops are also important ingredients in this territory's culinary catalogue, particularly figs and almonds.

Take a seat in any of the area's restaurants and get ready for their traditional volcanic-inspired dishes to introduce your palate to great new flavours.

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