Hiking and other forms of exercise

The trail of Los Escurriales takes you to the edge of the Lunar Landscape in Corona Forestal Nature Park. This is one of the Island's most spectacular trails owing to its otherworldly scenery, with narrow ridged mountains sculpted by the wind and rain. There are other equally recommendable trails, including the Chinyero trail and the walk around the old Montaña Las Lajas volcano.

A variety of other activities are available to get you moving and exploring the area's volcanic scenery.  If you are a keen mountain biker, try the tracks in Erjos to let off some steam on two wheels, or if your thing is paragliding, trust the experts and take off from their favourite spot by the Lomo Molino lookout point


PR-TF 43 San José de Los Llanos-Montaña Chinyero. You break through a lush pine forest and out into an amazing volcanic landscape. The trail starts at the Trevejo volcano (or alternatively in Arenas Negras), which was the one that buried the town of Garachico under lava, and ends at the Chinyero volcano. The tongues of dry lava have left a sea of magma that is a truly impressive sight.

PR-TF 43.3 Santiago del Teide-Montaña Chinyero. This trail takes you through groves of almond trees, plum trees and fig trees and fields of pennyroyal plants before leading you into a completely volcanic landscape. Visiting the Chinyero volcano allows you to imagine what the eruption must have felt like in 1706.

PR-TF 72 Vilaflor-Lunar Landscape-Vilaflor​. This trail leads you right up to the edge of the Lunar Landscape, with its towers of white sand sculpted by the wind and the rain over hundreds of years. This is just one of the highlights of a trail that reveals other special attractions such as the old ruins of the Los Llanitos house.

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