Steeped in tradition

Every year, Santiago del Teide, Garachico and El Tanque set the scene for a re-enactment known as Crossing the Peaks. This lively scene represents the traditional bartering system that used to take place on the Island's mountain paths up until the middle of last century. The goods exchanged could be anything from vegetables or potatoes to milk, cheese or even livestock. Among the best-known dealers were the "gangochera" women, who would exchange fish for a variety of essential products.

Other celebrations that the locals look forward to particularly keenly include the ritual of opening new wines at the wineries, which is an especially lively affair in the north of the Island. In Icod de los Vinos, the uncorking day is scheduled to coincide with the Las Tablas festivities, during which the municipality's youngsters slide down the town's steep sloping streets on top of wooden boards. They really pick up some speed and there is only one way to stop: crashing into a pile of old tyres. We only recommend you give it a go if you get a thrill out of risk. Otherwise, the best idea is to watch from behind the safety of the fence.

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