Volcanic essence in San Blas


Anyone who would like to know what volcanoes really mean to Tenerife should visit the San Blas​ Environmental Reserve. The centre has designed a comprehensive experience to help visitors understand the Island's volcanic origin and how it has influenced the lives of its inhabitants throughout history.

The tour starts in a tunnel that takes you back in time with the aid of a series of audiovisual elements and exact models of a tomato farm, a Guanche cave and a boat sailing to America, including the rocking motion of the waves and thunder and lightning threatening to capsize the boat.

Next comes a guided tour out of doors. You will learn what pumice stone is first-hand and see an old mine that was used to extract this volcanic stone for construction purposes. Actors are strategically positioned throughout the tour, which ends with a Guanche ritual related to Teide and rain. Altogether, a highly recommendable activity.