Lookout Points in Rincón de la Luz


As in the Island's other territories, the lookout points here afford spectacular views that you might not otherwise get to see.

La Centinela-Campo de los Volcanes lookout point (San Miguel de Abona). The most striking sight from this spot are the volcanoes: more than ninety cones in different shapes, sizes and colours, including red, yellow and white.

Montaña Chiñama-Charco del Pino Lookout Point (Granadilla de Abona). What would you think if we told you that you were in a sacred spot? The mountain of Chiñama was a symbolic place for the Guanche people who used to inhabit the Island.  

Plaza de Los Blanquitos (Granadilla de Abona). As you take a look at the natural surroundings, it is easy to understand why this square has been named "Los Blanquitos" (meaning, the little white ones). The farmland all around has a very pale, whitish colour as they are grown in the volcanic sand known as "jable". Its properties include the power to absorb even the minutest amount of humidity, such as dew.

El Médano Promenade. The promenade in this seaside town on the south of the Island offers you a view of two natural landmarks: Montaña Roja and Montaña Pelada. It is also a very lively place bustling with swimmers, windsurfers and kitesurfers.

Montaña Amarilla-Costa del Silencio. This is the best place to get a view of Montaña Amarilla, which has a crater you can walk around, and the Costa del Silencio, which will bring you a soothing feeling of peace and calm.

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