A day with the dolphins

Few people can resist the charm of dolphins. For dolphin lovers who can't wait to watch them in action, spending your holidays in Tenerife means you get to see them right up close.

Hundreds of bottlenose dolphins and short-finned pilot whales have chosen to settle in this small corner of the Atlantic. In fact, if they could talk they would surely tell us that Tenerife is paradise for them thanks to its crystal clear waters, mild temperatures and varied menu, including squid, octopus and other delicacies.

Don't miss your chance to see them and feel the peace and calm these mammals transmit. You'll be surprised by their astounding intelligence. Boat trips for whale and dolphin watching can range from just over an hour to three hours or more, and may include lunch or snacks if you want. You can also choose to go out on a boat with onboard entertainment or, if you are looking for something more exclusive, try a romantic sail boat for two.