Unforgettable street strolls


A great way to get a taste of the volcanic feel of the Two Valleys is to roam the streets of its towns and villages.

The historic quarter of La Orotava is quaint and charming. There are so many lovely things to see that you will need at least a day there to give them the attention they deserve. You must at least visit the Iberian-American Craft Museum, the gardens of the Marquise of Quinta Roja (or the Victoria Gardens), the town hall buildings and the Hijuela del Botánico gardens, featuring species of plants from all over the world. It is also home to the magnificent house of Casa de los Balcones, the Carpet Museum and the La Concepción church, which are well worth visiting.

Puerto de la Cruz is one of the Island's most prominent tourist cities. Take a trip to its fishing dock, where freshly caught fish are still bought and sold early in the morning.

The town of Los Realejos is also worthy of a visit to discover its old buildings and churches. On 3 May, the town puts on a spectacular firework display in which two of its streets compete for the audience's admiration: Calle del Sol and Calle del Medio. Since there is no official jury, they each claim theirs was better than the other's and that is what keeps the rivalry going.

Arafo and Güímar in the south present true architectural gems and a climate that invites you to explore their grandeur during a pleasant stroll. On the coast, Puertito de Güímar is the perfect spot for some ocean adventures. ​