Route 5

Upper South: Costa Adeje - Trasera de Los Cristianos - Carretera General del sur - La Camella - Granadilla - Vilaflor - Arona - Trasera de Los Cristianos - Costa Adeje

Technical information

  • Start: Costa Adeje.
  • Finish: Costa Adeje.
  • Distance: 62 km (38.5 miles).
  • Cumulative ascent: 2,332 m (7,651 ft).
  • Average gradient: 5.8%.
  • Maximum altitude: 1,380 m (4,527 ft).
  • Average speed: 20 kph (12.42 mph).
  • Estimated duration: 3 hours 5 mins.
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate.

This is a 62 km (38.5 mile) circular route that journeys across the south and west of the Island.

The route starts at Avenida Francisco Ucelay in Costa Adeje. From there, you will climb up towards the TF-1 motorway and turn right onto the TF-481 towards San Eugenio. This road runs parallel to the TF-1 motorway before separating from it at km 1.25 (mile 0.78). Take a left here to cross the motorway and cycle along Avenida Austria. At km 4.25 (mile 2.64), the avenue will lead you back across the motorway to rejoin the TF-481 until crossroads with the TF-28. Take this road and carry on.

You will now come to a constantly uphill stretch with an average gradient of 5% that passes La Camella and Valle San Lorenzo. At km 20 (mile 12.4), you will arrive at the Centinela lookout point, where you will get great views of the south side of the Island and of the beautiful Centinela mountain. The route becomes slightly more gentle after that, for the next 10 km (6.2 miles). This stretch takes you through the towns of San Miguel and Charco del Pino before reaching the town of Granadilla at km 29 (mile 18). Once there, turn left to take the TF-21 towards Vilaflor. On the 13 km (8.1 mile) stretch between the two towns, you will face an average uphill gradient of 6%, with a maximum of 16%. Once at Vilaflor, you will have reached one of Spain's highest towns, at an altitude of 1,380 m (4,527 ft). This is the highest point on the route, and you will need to change direction here to take the TF-51 towards Las Américas and Arona. It's all downhill from there, with 14 km (8.7 miles) averaging a gradient of 6% all the way down to Arona.

Carry on down the TF-51 until you reach the town of La Camella, then turn right to take the TF-28 towards Las Américas and Los Cristianos. At km 58 (mile 97.5), you will come to a junction alongside the TF-1 motorway, where you must take the TF-481 (a one-way service road) towards Las Américas. Stick to that side of the motorway and you will eventually join Avenida Austria, followed by Avenida Europa. At the far end you'll see a roundabout where you need to take the exit onto the TF-481 and cross under the TF-1 motorway before reaching the end of the route on Avenida Francisco Ucelay.


Weather Today
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Adeje. It will be mostly cloudy all Monday long. In the evening the sky will be covered with high and middle clouds. Temperatures will remain unchanged.