Arenas Negras - Chinyero

General Information

  • Length: 12 Km 
  • Altitude difference: 860 m 
  • Ascent: 430m 
  • Descent: 430m 
  • Highest point: 1,540m 
  • Lowest point: 1,230m 
  • Type: circular trail
  • Difficulty: low (for mountain runners) 
  • PStarting point: Arenas Negras Recreation Area 
  • Coordenadas: 28.3198834,-16.7570377 
  • Places we pass through: Arenas Negras, Chinyero Volcano.
  • Temperaturas: maybe some very cold days with -5º in altitude
  • Water Points: none 


  • Footwear and clothing suitable for mountain running.
  • Jacket/windbreaker if it is a bit cold or it might rain.
  • Hat and/or sunglasses if the weather is not overcast.
  • 1 litre of water
  • Something to eat
  • Mobile phone

Route description

Ideal for runners looking for short and fast routes, either because they only want to train for a short time or because they are practising the sport for the first time.

El Chinyero is a unique and very beautiful place. It is worth visiting, as it is one of the most charming corners in Tenerife. You start in a pine forest and climb and walk over the black lava flows of the last eruption on the island of Tenerife. A black, rocky, and unique landscape that makes it special and beautiful. You are sure to enjoy it, and if you are from out of town, you will never have stepped on similar terrain.

Course description

1. If you do not want to take the forest path to the recreation area by car, you can start the route in the La Montañeta area (San Francisco Church) and from here follow the PR 43 path upwards for 2.6 km.

2. If you are coming from the south of Tenerife, you can also start in the upper part of the island: from the TF-38 road at kilometre 14.9, there is a dirt track that you can follow for 400 metres, which will take you to PR 43.

  • Km 0 From the car park of the recreation ground at 1,240 m a.s.l., follow the signs for the PR that goes around the mesa, first on the forest track that climbs slightly, leaving the recreation ground on your right.
  • Km 0.4 Leave the path and take the PR trail to the right.
  • Km 1.1 You arrive at a crossroads and continue straight ahead towards Chinyero Volcano (add returning on the right-hand path).
  • Km 1.2 The trail crosses a path; continue on the PR (towards Chinyero).
  • Km 2.1 Again there is a crossroads where you must go up the path on the left (towards Chinyero).
  • Km 2.6 Crossroad; continue straight ahead or turn left (towards Chinyero). From here, follow the PR, which rises and then gradually descends, making a right turn (the Chinyero volcano is always on the right). You will come across the odd wide crossroads, but you should always follow the PR signs.
  • Km 4.9 You have reached the highest point of this route; from now on it is gradually downhill.
  • Km 6.4 The trail joins a wide path. At this point the PR splits into two directions; follow the "Circular Chinyero"; to the right, continue 500m along the wide dirt track.
  • Km 6.9 At another point where the PR can take two paths, you shall leave the wide path and continue on the path to the right, (signposted "Circular Chinyero"). Now you enter the most special and attractive area of this route: you will walk on solidified lava without vegetation. A black and rocky area that you will really enjoy.
  • Km 8.1 You will reach a point you passed on the way up (equivalent to kilometre 2.6). Follow the signs for "Arenas Negras".
  • Km 8.6 At the crossroads, take the path to the left signposted "San José de Los LLanos". This junction coincides with climb 2.1. Now we don't go the way we came up, but take a detour to the left to get to know another cool place. Follow the PR for 1.3 kilometres. If you want to walk to the starting point, take the direction "Arenas Negras".
  • Km 9.9 You come to a wide path; the PR continues straight ahead, but you should take the wide path on the right. Enjoy this area of black sand with no vegetation. If you are coming from outside, you have probably never entered such terrain.
  • Km11 Crossroads; follow the PR to the left; this is the point where you originally climbed, it coincides with point 1.1 of the climb.
  • Km12.2 FINISH.


Chinyero Volcano. A 1,561-metre-high volcano located on the Abeque ridge near Mount Teide and belonging to the Santiago del Teide municipality. Chinyero has the honour of being the last volcano to erupt on Tenerife. And that was not so long ago. In 1909, it spewed lava continuously for 10 days. The surroundings are particularly beautiful, as there is hardly any vegetation and it consists of solidified lava, which is black (a very striking colour for visitors).

Arenas Negras.
Located at an altitude of 1,240 m. This area has tables and benches and a children's playground. Camping is allowed (a permit must be obtained from the Cabildo de Tenerife).


  • You can get to the car park of the recreation area (starting point) by car from the road via the dirt track, or from the area of La Montaña (San Francisco Church) via the same PR 43 (note: PR 43 starts in Garachico). There are approximately 2.6 kilometres from the church to the area.

How to get there?

  • Private car. You can access the recreation area via the dirt road from the road. (You do not need a permit to drive your vehicle there).
  • Public transport (please check as there may be changes).
    • Line 360 from Icod de los Vinos.
    • NOTE: in this case we get off at the bus stop “IGLESIA SAN FRANCISCO” or “ARENAS NEGRAS” (go down towards the church to take the path). The PR-43 passes near the church; there some 2.6 kilometres from here to the recreation area.
    • Line 360
Weather Today
Maximum: 18º
Minimum: 10º
Santiago del Teide. There will be not a cloud in the sky all Thursday long. Mild temperature dropping.