Los Desrriscaderos

Natural Monument

Without doubt, this area has a peculiar structure of great scientific, geological and geomorphological interest. It is dominated by ravines, many of which end here: El Mocán, Los Helechos and Las Monjas. Experience the rugged texture of the land, full of pumice stones with their typically light colour produced by explosive eruptions. The vegetation you will find here is varied and typically volcanic: euphorbia, Canary Island spurges and Saint John's worts decorate the scenery with their special shades of green. Every now and then we recommend you look up at the sky in case a kestrel or an owl rewards you with the spectacle of its swooping and hovering flight.

Municipality: Granadilla de Abona

Expanse: 268.3 hectares (326.9 acres)

How to get there:

To get to Los Derriscaderos, follow the TF-1 motorway. Take the exit signposted as Polígono Industrial de Granadilla-Acceso A, where a paved road begins with a sign reading "Camino agrícola" (Rural road). Take this road, which will later turn into an dirt track. You will climb upwards towards this protected nature area from the east and will come to the TF-636, which links Granadilla to Chimiche.Take the TF-636 towards Granadilla-Chimiche. Once you have past kilometre 5, carry on for 225 m (246 yards) and take the dirt track to the right. After approximately 1.1 km (0.68 miles) you will come to the natural monument. If you carry on along this track, you will reach the protected nature area you are looking for from the west, heading downwards.