Territorio Antiguo Lookout Points

A good lookout point lets you see the landscape from a new perspective. They help you to better understand the volcanic processes that shaped each of the Island's areas and are a great excuse for you to stop and have a rest.

El Emigrante lookout point (Garachico). From here you will find yourself picturing the busy comings and goings in Garachico's port, which was the most important port in Tenerife until the Trevejo volcano destroyed it on 5 May 1706.

La Ballena lookout point (Los Silos). Take a peaceful moment to contemplate the coastline, adorned with natural rock pools at the foot of the Taco mountain.

Los Pedregales Visitor Centre (Teno Country Park). From up here, you will look down on a valley that used to be a deep ravine until it was filled by the eruption of El Palmar. Today, it is a rich expanse of farmland full of crops.

Baracán lookout point (Teno C.P.). The Island's deepest ravines run through this area. It is also home to unusual volcanic formations as the molten lava flowed over existing rock surfaces, drawing lines and shapes.

Cruz de Hilda lookout point (Teno C.P.). This lookout point stands in the heart of the ancient rocky Teno mountain range that was formed seven million years ago by a series of basalt lava flows. You will be amazed by the sight of the wild and deep Masca ravine.

Cherfe lookout point (Teno C.P.). The perfect place for comparing volcanoes of different ages. On one side, you will see the Teno mountain range, dating back several million of years, and on the other is Tenerife's most active area, with volcanoes from the last millennium. 

Archipenque lookout point. A clear view of how this part of the Island came to be the way it is. What used to be hillsides that sloped away into the sea were buried under layer upon layer of lava, which eventually formed the mountains.

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