Samples of a unique culture


The Territorio Antiguo houses several of the Island's most singular cultural remains, making this a great excuse to lose yourself in the villages you come across, where the pace of life seems be slower than usual. The people of Los Silos, for instance, are very proud of their storytelling festival which fills their December days with lovely stories told by storytellers from the world over.

The concerts organised each year of the Musical Whims festival fill the Isla Baja region with sound and attract an audience of classical music fans and we invite you to come and be part of it.

We also recommend that you do not miss out on events such as the Boreal Festival, which mixes entertainment with environmental and marine awareness. This is a great opportunity to make a small contribution to the world we live in, in a lively and healthy atmosphere. The kids will have a great time with all of the activities in store for them.

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