La Caldera - Crucita - M. Limón

General Information

  • Length: 18,00 Km 
  • Altitude difference: 2,400 metres in total 
  • Ascent: 1.200m 
  • Descent: 1.200m 
  • Highest point: 2,240m 
  • Lowest point: 1,190m 
  • Type: circular trail
  • Difficulty: medium (for mountain runners) 
  • PStarting point: La Orotava (La Caldera) Recreation Area 
  • Coordenadas: 28.531298875239514, -16.279961191270363
  • Places we pass through: La Caldera, La Crucita, path No. 17, Montaña Limón.
  • Temperaturas: winter, the temperature can drop below 5° at the starting point, and it can drop again as we climb. The high mountains are not forested, and sometimes there is a strong wind that, while not dangerous, significantly reduces the temperature felt.
  • Water Points: one at km 0.9 


  • Footwear and clothing suitable for mountain running
  • Windbreaker in case it is a bit cold at the summit (starting point).
  • 1 litre of water
  • Something to eat
  • Mobile phone

Route description

Attractive route for good mountain running training, with a length of 18 kilometres, offering variety, challenging climbs, technical sections, other running sections ,and altitude metres.

The first part of the trail goes through the La Orotava pine forest, but as you go higher, the pine trees become smaller and more spaced out. At the higher altitudes you have a good view of the National Park and the Teide itself; you will be able to walk and observe your surroundings.

After the first 800 metres, which you can use to warm up, you will face a long and demanding climb with 1100 metres of altitude gain over about 5 kilometres. Once you have done this, you will be rewarded with the most beautiful area of this route.

Course description

  • Km 0 We start at the Aŕea Recreativa de La Orotava car park and follow the GR signs towards La Esperanza (south-east orientation) on a wide path.
  • Km 0.8 We leave the path and take the path to the right that goes uphill right next to the wooden hut. There is a waterhole here, which you will not use, but it is good to know about it for later occasions. For the next 3.5 kilometres, follow the signs for "Camino Candelaria". From here on, a long, steep climb begins.
  • Km 1.9 Keep your eyes open once you reach a junction of 4 paths; follow the path as it continues uphill.
  • Km 4.5 The path ends, and you reach the main road. You must cross this and continue straight ahead (30 m further on the left) along the wide path, but only 80 m, as you must keep your eyes open and take path No. 17 to the right, which goes along the slope on the right. Follow the signs for path 17 until km 8.4.
  • Km 5.8 Congratulations, you have completed the climb. You reach a high point on the route, and if you go a little to the left, you can see La Caldera de Pedro Gil and the entire southern part of the island. The steep rocky outcrop in front of you is the Pico de Cho Marcial.
  • Km 6.2 We have started descending on the path and a little later we can leave the path on the right and approach the so-called “Window of Teide”. There is a small stone formation that is a “window” and if you look through it, you can see the Teide on the horizon. Although it has no economic value, it can be considered a great reward for the effort of the climb.
  • Km 6.5 After the small descent on the path, the road continues clockwise on a wide, almost flat path.
  • Km 7.3 Cross the road and follow the path opposite, which continues uphill. From the top of the slope, you have a magnificent view of Mount Teide in the background. You can walk and look ahead at the same time.
  • Km 8.5 We take the path downhill towards “Corral del Niño”, number 34.
  • Km 9.3 We cross the path and continue along the path opposite. After 200 metres you will come to a path again, which you follow for 50 metres, taking path no. 34 on the right.
  • Km 9.8 We can leave path no. 34 and see a marked path for reaching the summit of Montaña Limón on the right. You can walk to the top, which offers a good view, and then return.
  • Km 10.3 Summit of Montaña Limón; from here the second part of the training begins. Now it is downhill for a few kilometres, combined with more flat forest tracks.
  • Km 11.8 Crossroads. Follow the path to the right for about 2 kilometres along the track.
  • Km 14 At a bend to the left, you will see a wide path on the right that is not very well signposted, but if you are attentive, you will recognise it. Follow the path on the right, going downhill.
  • Km 14.9 You come to a crossroad. Look for the (white/yellow) PR sign opposite and follow the path. Follow the PR signs; the first kilometre is downhill, then turn left and continue on a flatter stretch. When you reach the track, follow the path on the left.
  • Km 16.4 You reach the path; turn right, walk 20 m on the path and take the PR path on the left. After a good 1.5 kilometres you will reach the starting point. Use this stretch to improve the technical descent (it is good because it is not steep downhill).
  • Km 18. FINISH.


La Caldera recreation area. Located in the La Orotava highlands of (at an altitude of 1,180 m), just behind the hamlet of Aguamansa. It is one of the best recreational areas in the north of the island of Tenerife, which means that there are is a large number of visitors all year round. It has several facilities, including a car park, a bar-restaurant, a large children's playground, public toilets (without showers), barbecue areas, tables, and a campsite. It is also the starting point for numerous hiking trails in the area.

La Crucita viewpoint. It is located on the left side of the main road from La Esperanza to Portillo (TF-24, at kilometre 30), at an altitude of almost 2,000 m, and it faces southeast. It is a place that is often visited on foot. Not for nothing is it a part of the pilgrimage route to the Basilica of Our Lady of Candelaria, which begins in the northern towns of the island. This route begins in Aguamansa, in the heart of the Orotava Valley, and reaches its highest point here, La Crucita, before descending to Arafo and Candelaria. The viewpoint offers spectacular panoramic views over the Güimar Valley and the Caldera de Pedro Gil. The caldera is bordered on the right by an imposing ridge, Pico de Cho Marcial, and on the left by Mount Ayosa.


  • A very popular place on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, although there are usually no parking problems.
  • Remember that this is one of the coldest areas on the island.

How to get there?

  • Private vehicle
  • Public transport. From the bus station Puerto de la Cruz.
  • Another option is to take bus 348 to Teide and stay in La Parada de Aguamansa, from where there are hiking trails to the caldera.
Weather Today
Maximum: 24º
Minimum: 17º
Orotava (La). Sunny skies all Thursday long. Temperatures will remain unchanged.