Albergue de Anaga - Igueste - Taganana

General Information

  • Length: 31.4 Km 
  • Altitude difference: 4900m 
  • Ascent: 2450m 
  • Descent: 2450m 
  • Highest point: 910m 
  • Lowest point: 5m
  • Type: circular route (the route can be completed in two stages) 
  • Difficulty: high (for mountain runners) 
  • PStarting point: Albergue de Anaga 
  • Coordenadas: 28.550084800337483, -16.200336810925922 
  • Places we pass through: Parque Rural de Anaga, Igueste de San Andrés, Las Casillas, Lomo Las Bodegas, Cumbrilla, Benijo, Almáciga, Taganana.
  • Temperaturas: In winter, it may drop below 10º at the highest altitudes. In summer or on hot days it can reach more than 30º (especially in the lower parts of the ravines).
  • Water Points: 3 (Cumbrilla, Almáciga, Taganana). 


  • Footwear and clothing suitable for mountain running.
  • Jacket/windbreaker if it is a bit cold or it might rain.
  • Hat and/or sunglasses if the sky is not overcast.
  • 1.5 litres of water
  • Something to eat
  • Mobile phone
  • Some money, for buying drinks and food on the way or for unforeseen circumstances.

Route description

This route has the charm of passing through several small hamlets of Anaga, small settlements of houses with a special charm, surrounded by vegetation, mountains, and the Ocean, and completely away from the big cities. You will run through the most unspoilt and natural area of the island of Tenerife.

A challenging course in terms of distance and type of terrain, with mainly technical trails. This is one of the training sessions that can help you prepare for tough long-distance races.

Do you prefer the beach or the mountains? Perhaps the best answer is that you prefer both. You will cross very green and humid highlands, other areas that are steep and dry, and the beaches of Benijo and Almáciga. A training in different environments, ideal for getting to know the essence of Anaga.

Course description

This route has been designed so that you can complete it in one or two stages. In this case, for example, you could do it as follows:

1) Start in Almáciga. You can spend the night in the Anaga Hostel.

a) 1st Stage: Almáciga - Albergue de Anaga (approx. 13 km)
b)    2nd stage: Albergue de Anaga - Almáciga (approx. 18.5 km)

2) Start in Benijo. You can spend the night in the Anaga Hostel.

a) 1st stage: Benijo - Albergue de Anaga (approx. 14.5 km)
b) 2nd stage: Albergue de Anaga - Benijo (approx. 17 km)

3) Start at the Anaga hut and spend the night in Benijo.

a) 1st stage: Albergue de Anaga - Benijo (approx. 17 km)
b) 2nd stage: Benijo - Albergue de Anaga - (approx. 14.5 km)

4) Start at the Anaga Hostel and spend the night in Almáciga.

a) 1st Stage: Albergue de Anaga - Almáciga (approx. 18.5 km)
b) 2nd Stage: Almáciga - Albergue de Anaga (approx. 13 km)

  • Km 0 Start the route at the Albergue de Anaga hostel, leave the establishment on the right and continue along the road for 1.6 km.
  • Km 1.6 Leave the road before a bend to the left, take the path on the right, continue for 50 metres, and turn left at the crossroads. From here, follow the path, which is mostly downhill and along the valley floor. Enjoy this technical descent of just over 3 km, which in the first part passes through a green and humid forest that is pleasant to walk in.
  • Km 5.1 The trail joins a wide dirt road, which you follow. 200m further on, you see a road, which you should follow.
  • Km 6 Look out for a turnoff on the left, where a wide concrete climb begins (signs for "Antequera" and "Las Casillas").
  • Km 6.1 Up the concrete slope for 100m, then take the path on the left (signs "Antequera" and "Las Casillas").
  • Km 7.9 On a ridge, at an altitude of about 540m, you come to a crossroads where you continue uphill to the left.
  • Km 8.6 The path runs along the upper part of the "Lomo de Las Casillas". You will see some abandoned houses and others that are not abandoned. From here to kilometre 14, the route is a constant up and down, alternating between vegetated areas and small villages.
  • Km 10.1 We come to a road; follow the PR "Chamorga" signs and walk along the road to the right.
  • 10.4 km 300 m further on, we pass the Chamorga cemetery, which we leave on the right. After the cemetery, look out for the path that goes downhill to the right.
  • 10.9 Km The trail joins a concrete road, which we follow to the left; now the road is mostly concrete (follow the PR signs). We first pass the hamlet of Las Bodegas and then La Cumbrilla. These are small rural nooks in Anaga that exude a special charm.
  • Km 12 La Cumbrilla. At the highest point, on the left, there is a tap where you can refill your water. From here you cross a very green and humid area that you are sure to enjoy.
  • Km 13.2 Crossing; continue straight ahead towards "El Draguillo".
  • Km 13.9 Crossing; continue straight ahead towards "El Draguillo". This ascent and descent phase finishes here. Now it's practically all downhill to the sea.
  • 14.5 km Crossing; continue right towards "Benijo".
  • Km 15 You will see a small rocky outcrop on the right. You can approach it, and from the highest point you have a wonderful view of the entire northern part of Anaga, with the sea in the background.
  • Km 16.7 The path ends and joins a dirt road. Follow the road downhill, 100 m further on it becomes paved.
  • Km 17 Before a bend to the left, you will see a driveway on the right, which you follow (to the left of the house).
  • Km 17.2 After 200 m you reach Benijo beach (black pebbles). The PR-Path continues to the right, along the same pebbly beach, always leaving the sea on the right.
  • Km 17.8 You now reach Almáciga beach and can walk on the black sand of the beach. Walk across the sand to reach the other side of the beach.
  • Km 18.2 Cross the road and continue on the other side along the PR path to climb the hill ahead (until you reach the small village Almáciga).
  • Km 18.6 You are in the small village of Almáciga. There is a café-bar where you can refill water/fluids or even have something to eat. Follow the PR signs towards "El Bailadero".
  • Km 19 The trail now becomes a wide dirt road with a slight incline. Follow the dirt road for 1.5 kilometres.
  • Km 20.5 Leave the wide track and take the PR trail on the right, which climbs up the ridge on the right.
  • Km 21.5 The trail joins a road and continues uphill for 200 m on the road.
  • Km 21.7 Take the path on the right that goes downhill towards "Taganana". As you continue, the PR crosses the road twice.
  • Km 22.7 Continue on the road and follow the road to the left for 250 m, which climbs in the first part.
  • Km 23 Follow the road 400m to the left.
  • Km 23.4 Between the houses, a small path leads downhill to the church of Taganana.
  • Km 23.8 Church of Taganana. Continue to the left, towards "Casa Forestal". After 50 m you will find a water tap on the left. From here it is all uphill to the highest point (910 m).
  • Km 24.0 Take the road uphill to the left. This area has its own charm as you walk along a small road with old, whitewashed houses. Go uphill for 250 m, then follow the road to the left.
  • Km 24.4 Leave the road and follow the paved path to the right (towards Casa Forestal).
  • Km 24.7 Footpath fork; keep left towards Casa Forestal.
  • Km 25.2 Crossing, keep left towards Casa Forestal. From here, continue along the path for 2 kilometres, without any crossroads. Gradually you will be immersed in vegetation that becomes greener and wetter as you climb.
  • Km 27.6 Junction; bear left towards "Valle Brosque". Note that 50 m further on, if you continue straight on, you will come across the road (next to the forest house).
  • Km 28 Note that there are two paths; take the one on the left, going uphill.
  • Km 28.9 There is a rocky outcrop on the right that you can approach, as it gives you a good view of the southern slopes of Anaga (you can see San Andrés below and the silhouette of the Gran Canaria Island in front of you).
  • Km 29.2 You reach the road; cross the road and follow the wide path on the other side.
  • Km 29.5 After 300 metres, you will see the beginning of a path on the right (just before a bend on the right side of the road). Follow the path.
  • Km 28.8 There are two paths: keep left.
  • Km 30.1 You come out onto the road; 25 m further down and on the other side you will see a path. You should continue along this path.
  • Km 30.5 Rejoin the road and continue straight ahead to the refuge.
  • Km 31.4 FINISH (Albergue de Anaga).


Parque Rural de Anaga. A few minutes by car from the capital town (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) you will find the Parque Rural de Anaga, declared a Biosphere Reserve, which has managed to preserve its natural values in an exceptional way. You won't be the first to be fascinated by the beautiful and rugged mountain range with its jagged peaks. The deep valleys and gorges that descend from here reach down to the sea, forming numerous beaches where you can take a refreshing dip. This area is also home to fauna and flora that are rich in endemic species.

The route passes through small villages (Lomo de Las Bodegas, La Cumbrilla, Taganana, Almáciga and Benijo) and along the beaches of Benijo and Almáciga.

Taganana is the most important village in the interior of the Anaga massif and one of the oldest villages on the island of Tenerife.

Albergue de Anaga hostel ( This three-storey building has nine rooms. It can accommodate up to 40 people and has access for disabled guests.


  • If you are doing the route in two stages, you must carefully plan the starting point and the place where you will stay. You can stay at the Albergue de Anaga hostel and there are also some holiday homes in Benijo, Almáciga or Taganana (there are more options in the latter).

How to get there?

  • Private vehicle
  • Public transport (please check as there may be changes).
    • Line 947 from the Intercambiador de Santa Cruz de Tenerife (bus station).
    • There is a bus stop just behind the hostel.
    • Line 947

Weather Today
Maximum: 26º
Minimum: 19º
Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Calm weather on Wednesday morning. As the hours pass by there will be not a cloud in the sky. Temperatures will remain unchanged.